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 A Different View of Christmas

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PostSubject: A Different View of Christmas   Sun Dec 21, 2008 7:37 am

“Christmas celebrates the birth of holiness into this world.”
A Course in Miracles, Text, pg. 308

“The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in the darkness. See it not outside yourself, but shining in the Heaven within.”
A Course in Miracles, Text, pg. 327

“The birth of Christ is now, without past or future.”

A Course in Miracles, Workbook, pg. 453

During this season, do not forget to celebrate YOUR birth. And how YOUR shining light has entered the world. Without your birth, your light, this world would be a lot darker. December 25th is your birthday, your birthright. Imagine being born in a manger, a meager shelter. Is this not true of your own birth? Have we not all been born into the poverty of the world surrounding us? When we are born into this world, are we not far from home?

Does Herod not represent our polar opposite? Old, without innocence, and although wealthy, never rising above the poverty he too was born into. He would kill all that is good and innocent in the world. Yet it is his birthday too. He does not slaughter hundreds of innocents. He simply slaughters his own - over and over again.

Every birth is a virgin birth. Born and untouched, or untainted by darkness. Perfectly innocent, a pure spirit, untouched by the darkness in the world. Every woman gives birth in this manner, as a virigin. Every person that is conceived, comes out the same way, and so each time it is a virgin birth.

Let this Christmas be the New Year for you. Enjoy it, celebrate it and celebrate each other.

Merry Christmas to all, and God Bless!
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PostSubject: Re: A Different View of Christmas   Sun Dec 21, 2008 4:57 pm

This is a cool post about christmas Lucas , It has nice words and another view to see it. Thanks and Merry Christmas Lucas

"He who fights monsters should see to it that in the process, he does not become a monster. And when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you." - Nietzche
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A Different View of Christmas
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