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 manifesting doom

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PostSubject: manifesting doom   Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:08 pm

You have all heard by know the power of the mind by remaining positive you can manifest and see oppotunity and create it by proving to yourself of your faith in overcoming doubt .
Well what if everyone is reading from the same book and beliveing in the book we will actully create whats in the book think about it is there a conection with the bible for if we all trully remained positive in the word of bible will we create it?
here is an eg . jesus said its written that 1 of his apostles will betray him and it happened also it is written that when the crow crowed 3 times you will disown me this also happened did christ bring about his own down fall? so if we all read revelations and we belive in revelations could we all be creating revelations.
This is by no means a suggestion that we all stop reading it but more of a confirmation on the power of God and how he will give us all what we want if we belive for this is how he will deliver us all from this system. your thoughts
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manifesting doom
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