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 Examples of how colour can affect you

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The Philosopher

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PostSubject: Examples of how colour can affect you   Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:16 pm

Red: Increases physical energy and can be used if you are feeling tired. 194.15Hz

Orange: Very motivating, balances body energy levels, increases vitality. 210.12 Hz

Pink: This is the colour of love, ideal for developing a loving attitude, for yourself and others. Also gives us emotional balance. 136.10Hz

Yellow: A very good communication colour. Helps to stimulate conversation, prevents shyness and gives courage. Prevents mental confusion. 126.22hz

Green: This is a major balancing colour. Also an emotional soother. It reduces mental confusion. Will aid spiritual awareness. 136.10Hz

Blue: Calms the mind. Helps you to think more clearly. The intellectual and mind colour. Will soothe your soul. 141.27Hz

Violet: and Purple Sensitive, intuitive, spiritual colours. They will enhance receptivity and introspection of the one mind. These colours also secure you emotionally. They promote divine growth and awareness. 172.06Hz

Brown: Basic security. Stability. Prevents fear and stress. Tunes you in to nature

Black: Protection, acting as a barrier. Prevents negativity from others influencing you.

White: Peace, purity, calming and soothing, healing.

Chakras (Rotating vortexes where energy enters and exits)

1. Omega - Black
2. Root - relates to basic survival and security - Red
3. Navel - procreation, sex - ? Orange
4. Solar Plexus - feeling, one's sense of knowing, gut feeling - Yellow
5. Heart - acceptance and love - Green
6. Throat - one's ability to communicate -Blue
7. Forehead/Brow - 3rd eye, one's psychic perceptions - Indigo
8. Crown - spiritual connection to higher levels of awareness- Violet
Chakras Outside of Body:
9. Outside body - Black
10. Planet -Ultraviolet
11. Solar System - Silver
12. Galaxy -Gold
13. Universe -Copper
14. Super Universe White

Sound (the word) is the original creational tone. Everything is made up of energy at various frequencies. All things in nature vibrate to sound, light and color. Sound frequencies effect everything about us. The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies.
Sound healing is the practice of using sound to realize and correct imbalances in the body. Sound healing works on the belief that the human body is not solid. Rather it is energy that is held together by sound. Any disease therefore indicates that some sound has gone out of tune. Each color corresponds to one of the chakras in our body. Sound is used in many forms to heal and balance energies. Each chakra relates to a musical note.

D#------Glint of Steel
E-------Pearly Blue
F-------Dark Red
F#------Bright Blue
G-------Rosy Orange
A#------Glint of Steel
B-------Soft Blue

"He who fights monsters should see to it that in the process, he does not become a monster. And when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you." - Nietzche

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PostSubject: Re: Examples of how colour can affect you   Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:40 am

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Examples of how colour can affect you
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